Digital solutions

for governments to fight the pandemic of
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

in Africa

Technology has a history of helping the healthcare industry track and tackle disease outbreaks. Among more recent examples is flu tracking. In 2018 the US experienced a particularly severe flu season. During this time aggregate user data collected through an application (Flu-Report) was able to indicate illness spikes across the country. 

COVID-19 has now brought our collective world to a stop through mandatory isolation of more than 80% of the world population.  

As we take on the battle to flatten the curve, the world’s inequalities have been brought to the forefront. Different countries have adopted various strategies to fighting this pandemic. For example, South Korea have turned to generalized protective gears, Germany has chosen massive testing while China chose to use technology to tract, control and monitor most of its population. 

As we hold our breaths and governments start to make decisions to allow people out of isolation, specialists warn of a second wave of the pandemic.  

Whether or not the most vulnerable countries in Africa are able to face the second wave will depend on their ability to combine the three strategies: Test, Protect and Monitor.  

To solve this problem, Data Systems and Shaka AI, two Rwanda based companies have undertaken to collaborate with Oscult and CPAI, two Canada based companies to produce: “UBU” which means Right now “in Kinyarwanda and reminds us of the sense of urgency in the fight against COVID19. 


A digital solution to help governments fight the coronavirus Pandemic

UBU” caters precisely to the collection, management and analysis of data relating to COVID19. 

A very valuable advice questionnaire will be made available to citizens to help them better their approach.  

“PENDA” our health assistant will be guiding citizens trough the essentials of the Covid19 Pandemic and direct them to the next steps. 

Finally, partners, organizations and governments will also have the possibility of analyzing the data collected through flexible a dashboard 

Below the 3 sections covered in this demo site. 

Risk evaluation and decision making

This section consists of helping the population to assess their individual risks in order to be able to guide them in better responsible decision-making. It is composed of “5 min” questionnaire that are easy, simple and adaptable to all education levels of the population. 

It also gives a recommendation to the citizen in order to guide them to an appropriate center for nearby tests.


Advice and recommendations

This section concerns a health assistant called “ PENDA” which is not only helping citizen to cover the questionnaire but also to give a list of advices that can help them to be more responsible by protecting themselves to better protect others. They cover several aspects relating to government aids, travel advices, etc.  

Advices will be updated each time partner sites and government agencies update their data.

We live in an ‘on-demand’ world and recognize that to meet consumers’ healthcare expectations, it’s imperative that we embrace ‘always-on’ accessibility. 

Monitoring and Dashboards

This section concerns the graphical monitoring dashboards used to analyze the statistics against COVID-19 under several dimensions, in particular the number of people tested, number of cases by region, number of cases by country, etc. 

This dashboard remains very flexible, allowing data to be added automatically without any form of manual manipulation. It also retains the possibility of using APIs to connect to several other platforms available for better integration with existing one.

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