The Team

Dowit Technologies Inc. is specialized in developing solutions for the healthcare industry. More specifically, we have developed OSCULT, an ultrasound on iPad, allowing practitioners to give a reliable and fast diagnostic, anytime and anywhere. 

Our mission is to give access to technologies to everyone, no matter where they are located. 

To do so, we have a very skilled team coming from various industries, such as human medicine, veterinarian medicine, aerospace, software engineering and industrial design among others. 

We have also partnered with Inomedis which has developed a connected patch to monitor any patient, anywhere, anytime.

Inomedis is driven by the desire to promote quality medicine for all. Indeed, too many disparities remain between urban and rural areas, but also with regard to the age of patients, their mobility and other factors.

One of the key elements that led Fabrice Vaussenat to create myAngel VitalSigns® is a painful personal event, his brother’s stroke in the great outdoors of Canada. The emergency services, notified too late, could not prevent his brother from becoming a paraplegic.

With a solid knowledge of the medical field related to technologies, Dr. Vaussenat has created his own microcosm for the design and implementation of a simple and practical way to prevent at-risk populations. MyAngel VitalSigns® was designed in close collaboration with a team of scientists and doctors to ensure a product that meets the needs of all.

CPAI Inc. solves the most complex challenges of its clients by offering unrivaled services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

We are a consortium of African professionals spread across the world, who put their expertise at your service with the aim of stimulating economic growth on the African continent. Our members have specialized skills in several industries. The professional plurality of our teams, their diversity and their professionalism make us necessary partners for your success.

CPAI Mission is to accelerate the growth of their customers by putting at their service the expertise in information technology and management of the African diaspora.